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  • 1973 Mazda Savanna (RX-3) WagonCount the parts of this car…
    1973 Mazda Savanna (RX-3) Wagon Count the parts of this car that would make a Rotary enthusiast completely lose their mind: It’s a 1970s Mazda rotary wagon. When most people ordered the coupe or sedan variants, the wagons are a rare bird. It’s got the more-rare-than-a-wagon-with-a-rotary Rotary Wagon badge. It’s also got the RE-AP badge. And it’s got the rectangular RE-AP exhaust. The woodgrain in …
  • 1981 Mazda 929 Coupe1981. The Iranian hostages are released….
    1981 Mazda 929 Coupe 1981. The Iranian hostages are released. Pope John Paul is shot. The first DeLorean comes off the production line. The first AIDS cases are recognised. Simon and Garfunkel play in Central Park. And this beams down from Hiroshima. Wow. /via Mad4Wheels
  • 1973 Mitsubishi Galant Coupe“Jenkins! Get in…
    1973 Mitsubishi Galant Coupe “Jenkins! Get in here!” Yes, boss? “Jenkins, is this the brochure cover for the new Galant?” It sure is. We spent days waiting for that fog. “I’m sure. Jenkins, do you see anything in the photo that might be slightly out of place?” Is there a cow in the field behind? There was a broken gate and they kept getting in. “No, something a little closer to camera. Someone.” S …
  • Driving a Jaguar C-Type on the Mille Miglia – /CHRIS HARRIS ON…
    Driving a Jaguar C-Type on the Mille Miglia – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS (by drive) Harris drives Fangio’s brown 300hp, 900kg, C-Type through Italy. The bastard.
  • carinteriors:1974 MG Midget 1500Legitimately brown.
    carinteriors: 1974 MG Midget 1500 Legitimately brown.
  • 1977 BMW E23 7-seriesDear BMW’s 1970s advertising…
    1977 BMW E23 7-series Dear BMW’s 1970s advertising director, I see what you’re trying to say with the 7-series thrusting purposely to the future, zipping past the greatest engineering feat of the previous century which is determinedly rooted to the ground. It doesn’t hurt that it’s French. But the future is to the right, not the left. And it’s up, not down. Read some Lakoff for Pete’s sake. And, u …
  • Fiesta Movement: Baby Bets on a Brown Fiesta (by…
    Fiesta Movement: Baby Bets on a Brown Fiesta (by daveygiesta) How have I not featured Davey G’s epic Fiesta Movement video before? In case you don’t click through to the youtube page: Everything in the video is true. Even the bit about Davey being known to impersonate a German police officer.
  • carinteriors:1975 Lancia Beta MontecarloIt’s so brown.
    carinteriors: 1975 Lancia Beta Montecarlo It’s so brown.
  • Skoda Fabia “Cake”It’s my birthday today and…
    Skoda Fabia “Cake” It’s my birthday today and a friend of mine reminded me of the (brown) Fabia (birthday) Cake. Thanks, Lindy! You can read the story of the Cake ad at the ‘pedia. /via all over the internet.
  • 1979 Citroen GSAThis is a truly awful shot of a Citroen GS….
    1979 Citroen GSA This is a truly awful shot of a Citroen GS. Same photographer as the Alfasud from last week, I guess. I direct your attention to a far more interesting GS from February 2010. Hmm… do the plastic fantastic hubcaps presage the BX? /via Autorama 70
  • 1972 Maserati KhamsinIf James Bond was Italian, he’d…
    1972 Maserati Khamsin If James Bond was Italian, he’d drive a Maserati. /via
  • 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe 1300 GT JuniorJosephine…
    1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe 1300 GT Junior Josephine didn’t know what made her happier: her Giulia Coupe or her Technicolour Dream Dress. (Also, you know the rule: When the name of the car is bigger than the car, you know you’re in trouble.) /via NetCarShow