Find enclosed one Batmans…

My mother liked Pigs.

This was something I was told from an early age. Everybody knew it. She just really liked pig toys, pig figurines, pig anything. So much so that people constantly gave her pig related crap until bookshelves, table tops and any free space was covered in countless, sometimes cute, but far more often gaudy and tasteless, pigs.

Years later my mother revealed to me, whilst weeping in the corner, surrounded by thousands of smashed swine, that she never really like pigs.

Why am I telling you this fascinating and possibly made up story? Because I like Batman, and I’ve noticed the more people who know this the more random, Batman related crap people send me.

The name of this blog came from the Subject line of an email someone once sent me. This is my endless bookshelf. You can send me random Batman crap you find by emailing me or submitting it to this blog directly. Hell, send me a link via Twitter. or email and ask for my address if you want to send me something physically.

My Batmans, let me show you them…

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