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Hi, I’m Matt – welcome to Comics Cavern, my Interweb spot for shooting my mouth off about whatever. Mostly I share my thoughts on the good and the bad of the wonderful world of comics, and sometimes other culture stuff like video games, movies, TV, etc. – after all, it’s all becoming one big media mishmash isn’t it? It’s amazing how much of my comics reading is done on my iPhone and PSP.

I also share random pictures, videos, opinions, and generally spread the love. You ask nice, maybe I make with the sexy pix and videos. God help you. Enter freely and of your own will.

NYC Greenwich Village born and raised, still here despite the zombie-like plague of Disneyfication (no offense, Marvel). Still, I remember when Thompkins Square Park was a riot zone shanty-town, and now it’s a beautiful place for a Sunday stroll, so you take the good with the bad.

Want to send me stuff to review, add me to your press lists, or just say hi?

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